8886 Official Music Video premiere!


MRVAMPIRE – 8886 (Official Music Video)

Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcmN3hxUMMc

Directed by Miguel Jara

Shot by Miguel Jara and George Lelea

Produced by Estudios Pneuma

8886’s official music video is an homage to early skate punk videos of Dogtown. 8886 features “found footage” shot on vintage 80’s camcorders, molded into a visuo-poetic love/hate song to Venice and greater Los Angeles. It is directed by the talented Miguel Jara of Estudio Pneuma, a mathematician-turned-animator from Mexico City and long-time collaborator of lead singer Leonardo Christov-Moore. Featuring rare footage of an overcast, oneiric Los Angeles and its stranger nooks and crannies, MRVAMPIRE’s debut video is a sentimental yet unnerving view of our home city in all its glory.

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