MRVAMPIRE is a gleefully apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll conglomerate from the sunny beaches of Venice, CA, established in 2015.

MRVAMPIRE is composed of Kace DeOrdio (Drums), Leonardo Christov-Moore (Vox/Rhythm Guitar), Gene Ketcherside (Bass) and Sean Poindexter (Lead Guitar/Vox).

Our influences include Tom Waits, Nina Simone, The Cramps, Pixies, Puscifer, Melvins, Johnny Cash, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and many others.

We take a free-form approach to composition, incorporating many different styles and feels, with a common thread of dark humor, love, and a gonzo approach to the world. We aspire to make our shows and our music a deep, sweet, carnivalesque state of Bedlam.

Our sound ranges from crooning, dissonant soul to dark, psychedelic rock, evil disco and family-friendly sing-alongs.

Here at MRVAMPIRE we believe that death smiles at us all. The best we can do is smile back, buy it a drink, and take it out for dancing and a nice seafood dinner.